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There are ALWAYS manmade dangers in the waters of our rivers, creeks, and streams, so be ready. Broken glass, metal scraps, old tires, and all other household items end up in the water. WATCH OUT! Of course, Mother Nature has many things to be aware of too. SNAKES, ALLIGATORS, and Insects are at home living in our waterways, as it offerst the perfect ecosystem. Show your respect by using caution, keeping a safe distance and shhoting ONLY pictures!

Remember, the FLORIDA sun is Fiercely HOT sometimes. Even in Winter season, you can get a sunburn. Find a shady spot to dig, if necessary. Be sure to keep hydrated, we include 2 water bottles for each guest , and a light snack , such as granola bars, beef jerky, or dried fruit.

Watch for hidden obstacles......downed logs semi-buried in the creek bed, tangling root systems that snatch you feet from under you..

just BE AWARE!

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