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Simple but effective, the Floating screen & shovel are the TOOLS OF CHOICE for most avid creek fossil hunters. 


Over the years, we have forgotten, lost, or broken many things on tour. Drawing on our previous experiences, we have compiled this list to help PREPARE our hunters for the trip.feel free to bring any provisions you deem necessary, but remember, pack lightly as you must carry all your hunting gear, too.

  • Sunscreen- the FL sun can be deceiving, even in the Winter.
  • Bug Spray- mosquitos, no-see-ums ... got em' all here in FL.
  • Old tennis Shoes- they are best for the terrain, with SOCKS!
  • Old Clothes- river tannins can stain fabric
  • Hat & Sunglasses- need I say why??
  • Towels
  • change of clothes- may have to do it in the car, though. LOL
  • goggles/snorkel- opportunities are sometimes present
  • Ziplocks/Dry totes- We are in the water, you know...
  • Camera- LOTS TO SEE! go-pro/water camera, just be careful...
  • Medicines- allergies? asthma? we're far from CVS in the river

Fossil Funatics provides each guest with the following:

  • Floating Sifter
  • Shovel
  • gravel probe
  • fossil collection bag
  • 2 x bottles of water
  • light snacks
  • fossil Identification and guide services

We provide waist tie-pouches for you to use, and mesh fossil collection bags to take all your goodies home!  

Prepare to Walk some dirt trails in RAW nature, climb some questionable river banks, and traverse downed trees and deep pockets in the water. This is a REAL adventure in nature. No paved trails or restroom facilities often exist in the locations we hunt, We survive by way of CAMPING mentality.

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