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Fossil Funatics guide services provide an all-inclusive Outdoor expedition thrusting you BACK IN TIME to when Giant Sharks swam the Oceans, and Mastodons and Mammoths freely roamed the lands. YOU could DISCOVER a new species to science!.... You could find a Million year old MEGALODON tooth.....COME DIG WITH US! 

Central Florida's Waterways are a Paleontologists' DREAM! Due to the natural geology of our landscape and the changing movements of landmasses coupled with the rise and fall of Sea Levels during Florida's "short" is a HAVEN for fossil lovers and scientists the World over. There are MANY location scattered around Florida where important SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES have been made from our fossil record. FOSSIL FUNATICS tours focus on an every changing area, BONE VALLEY. This is an Area of Florida that provides 80%+ of the worlds supply of Phosphorous, and had yielded DOZENS of fossil specimens NEW to science. Currents and Erosion are constantly replenishing the river and creek beds with new specimens for US TO FIND!

We offer Walk in Tours for ALL ages! Our family-friendly environment is sure to keep the kids entertained and learning, and MOM and DAD TOO! Our basic tour is a 5 HOUR TOUR starting at only $90.00 with EVERYTHING provided*.

*(sifter,shovel, fossil bag, bottled water,light snacks, and guide)

We monitor the USGS water level of the PEACE RIVER and many of her tributaries on a daily basis, and conduct "prospecting" runs seasonally in search of fossil rich locations. This allows us to assure each tour to the BEST location that will be accessible and productive for our Hunters.

For a more in-depth experience, contact us about our Kayak eco-tours where we combine fossil hunting with environmental clean-up!

Weather you have a small family or a large group, we cater to your needs on the water...tell us what YOU look forward to, and Fossil Funatics will make it happen.

We hope to see you out on the Water SOON! Check back later for new posts, we LOVE to show off our guests Finds.

Featured on THE OUTSIDER'S CLUB- teen TV program

In the Thick of It

large group prepping for the hunt

WE'RE Ready

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many guests find 100+ in a day!

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